Why Nespresso Is Recycling Its Coffee Pods


Nespresso is trying to solve the environmental problem its single-serve coffee pods created. There are coffee pods in landfills to circle the earth 12 times.



  1. American's need to stop consuming coffee, coffee beans are not naturally available over there. Every American who consumes coffee should realise that the coffee they consume are from countries where there is harsh treatment and low paid workers. This also applies for cocoa and banana.
    It's time American's should stop thinking about themselves and think all others are human beings.
    Time to stop plastic and convenience.
    Be more socially aware, just not only guns and religion but also other human beings.
    More than men an women rights, American's should realise, all people are just like them.

  2. This comes across like a thinly disguised nespresso commercial. What exactly are they turning these pods into and what is that process? Seems deliberately vague as though little research was done, or that this was paid for by nespresso.

  3. I have a Keurig and I purchased a pod that I can refill. They come in both paper and metal filter form. You can get them from Amazon easily. They even have a grinder I purchased specifically designed to fill both the small and large pods.

  4. Why don't people use the refillable container and stop buying from Nespresso that would hurt them and they would have to change you can purchase one on eBay Stainless Steel Reusable Refillable Coffee Pod Capsule for Nespresso Machine for £4.99

  5. I keep reading people saying things like “if only there was another way of brewing coffee…” but that is limited view point in coffee making.

    Most people who have a Nespresso have one because they like lattes and cappuccinos instead of a regular cup of coffee. While they are still seen as a coffee pod, they use espresso or double espresso pods to create their preferred drink.

    Also an added benefit to this program is what they do with the grounds. Instead of the ground ending up in a landfill after they are thrown away, the grounds end up being composted and send to farmers to use.

  6. Recycling is not good. Recycling is the last, barely better alternative to trash. (first comes REDUCE, RE-USE..) It costs money, energy and often the result is weaker and more expensive. These companies should get actively thrown in the dirt and people need to not continue this unbelievable waste culture.

  7. Because of money 💰 they can sell aluminium to make pens and bicycles.. something consumer will have to pay again… But do consumers gain something from Nespresso to bring them pods for recycling?

  8. If you just buy a proper coffee machine you can use coffee beans instead of these pods. The coffee tastes the same or even better. The leftover coffee can be composted after being brewed and it leaves no waste 🙂 Plus it's much cheaper. Only these kind of machines cost a little bit more.

  9. My Espresso machine, my coffee grinder and my organic Espresso beans save me 500.- Euro a year, protect the environment and my health and help to not support one of the worlds most evil companies.

  10. In Finland at least Nespresso suggests you take the capsules to the recycling bin for small metals. We have those in each apartment building. The capsules are molten and then reused, as aluminium is endlessly reusable. I find this better than artificially biodegradable capsules. We switched to nespresso mainly for this reason (+ the coffee it makes is excellent) , and I feel great about it. No more plastic or otherwise unrecyclable (due to multiple materials) capsules. For us capsules work, as this way we can more easily experiment with different tastes and only brew the amount we need. I don't know about the recycling possibilities in the US for example, but at least I know my capsules won't be found at a landfill.

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