Why The United States Is Turning To Recycling Robots


For decades, the United States and other wealthy countries have been dependent on China to buy and process almost half of the world’s plastic waste. Now …



  1. In the USA and my country, the UK, they always make excuses as to why the recycling is so bad. Yet other major countries like Germany recycle way more. It can obviously be done, it is just sheer laziness and lack of trying

  2. 5:09 That guy tho… so bored, and discouraged. Able to keep up with like 0.5% of the plastic flying by. MIT robot seems like a joke. I know it's early stage, but it's as slow as molasses. Have those researchers seen the footage we just saw, of rivers of trash floating by? They also mentioned typical systems use optical sensors, then by the end said they would augment theirs with vision. Conductive fingers has no advantage over a magnet to separate many metals anyway…

  3. Recycling it´s necessary in today's world. If it has become a powerful industry, the better and if it is processed by robots and automatic machines, the better. I am quite happy because lately I have been very concerned about the environment because of the news we see on the television networks.

  4. I think it would be easier just mandating all recyclable items with a QR code with its composition. So when it gets the facility it just reads the item and knows where to go.

  5. Coca Cola started the whole plastic thing and then guilted Americans into thinking they were the reason for all the polluting. Remember the crying First Nation man crying by highway? Coca Cola company paid for that.

  6. In the 1960's in NYC we had a 5 cent deposit on bottles and we used paper bags .The cans were steel you could pull that out of a trash stream with an electromagnet off a conveyor belt . When the plastic bottles made their appearance during the 70's that all went away . Then all of the sudden the bright types decided to save the planet . Well I watch a few of these videos and my only Idea is to ban the plastic and end the misery the product causes .

  7. We can make things reusable in the 1st place. Metals rust, corrode & plastics/non-metals degrade so use nobel metals, strong plastics etc. Overpopulation (more people=more pollution). One child policy is good but it’s a controversial topic.🤐

  8. The world really needs a multi prong approach to waste management and recycling. First is that every citizen being involved in sorting is inherently better than relying on robots to help sort the waste. This is especially important for domestic waste stream as it has the greatest amount of contaminated material. To help the domestic stream, manufacturing must use less different types of materials. The use of laminates must be minimised and standardised so that their management can be simplified. After minimising the number of materials used, each must have a clear identification label for sorting. Robots are used only for monitoring and sorting of out of spec materials that have already been pre-sorted. The downstream operations should be so simple as a result that re-use, recovery and recycling becomes profitable business.


  10. You push recycling all you want but until you solve the plastics and rubber materials.. recycling will be a money pit.. rubber is one and done.. plastics can only be repurposed 5 times then it becomes useless.. metal glass and wood/paper have almost infinite uses and reusability

  11. Wow ,just incredible,now if we just could combine all automated sorting technologies along with those AI sorting robots, we can recycle most stuff from this entire planet, i hope we can make an end of all those landfills worldwide ,also those aceans worldwide should be cleaned,for a better world,because it’s possible😊

  12. Recycling is not worth the hassle or cost. In my neighborhood it's a separate truck that comes and gets the recycling items and one that gets regular trash. How much diesel is burned and wasted just to pick up the two bins for the people who recycle?

    Also, why would you recycle glass? It's made of sand which is natural and plentiful.

  13. Making more products from biodegradable sources like hemp is a great solution. Hemp can be made into just about anything we need. It's extremely durable. Henry Ford made one of his fist sports cars from hemp. There is footage of him hitting the body of it with a sledgehammer and leaving no damage to the body. But the steel industry won that battle for raw materials used in automobile production. And hemp can be dated for decomposition rate. So, a water bottle made from hemp can be dated to decompose in a few months. But homes made from hemp can be sealed for lifelong durability. We can reduce 99%of waste just by doing that.

  14. The wasteful over-production and consumption of shoddy and disposable consumer products is what drives our entire monetary-economic system. If the rules of the money system dictate that we take valuable raw materials and process them into trash as fast as possible, then we need to question our entire monetary-economic system. Scientists and engineers proposed a distribution system based on energy and resources rather than barter (money) nearly 100 years ago. The idea is even more valid today than it was back then.

  15. "Space"

    Garbage truck trips can be minimized if they spent that millions of dollers to stations with plastic condensing trash.
    With robot, these mintur recycling stations can rely help recycling station recycle efficiently. Its not hard to know which is plastic or not, ypu don't have to put any other recyclable materials to help this problem. If you make if workable, it will work, but if you complicate this, the public will not be interested in doing the work.

  16. Recycling is a scam. Oil industry started recycling years ago to shift the blame of plastics on the consumer… what they still don't tell us is that 80% of plastic is not recyclable….

    Most packages with a recycling symbol on it are not recyclable.

  17. Americans are terrible at cleaning and if necessary sorting recyclables. I run a vacation rental home and in my town I have to personally manually handle and sort every recycle item, and it's very sad to see so many people lazy, ignorant, or not caring about how they can do their part for the world. With very strict and specific instruction, and penalty fees for failure to recycle properly, my rental groups have improved greatly on average. Disincentives work!

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