Why you're recycling wrong


Knowing what you can and can’t recycle isn’t easy. But when you put stuff that can’t be recycled into that blue bin, it can turn entire hauls of otherwise recyclable …



  1. Why cant we have a website that can show us what to recycle and what to throw away. One website that is standard for all states and does not differ. Like a bigmac in New York is a bigmac in California. So what can be recycled in new York can be recycled in California.

  2. My mom does aspirational recycling… a lot. Yet, isn't aware of the concept of buying more environmentally friendly products. (But she dries clothes on a clothes line and reuses glass/plastic jars and takeout containers.) 🤷‍♀️

  3. I live in an apartment complex. I have shredded paper and put it in a paper bag. Went back to find the paper thrown in the bin and the paper bag taken…. It happened again so I gave up. So hard to recycle when others ruin the process. Trying to switch to reducing.

  4. What did you expect from people to figure that out on their own? First, there is no education on how to dispose of those items properly. Second, consumer left with only one choice to buy products in plastic containers because thats the only thing available. Can you really blame the consumer for what corporations are doing?

  5. Switch to reusable, and biodegradable items please. Bamboo toothbrush, bamboo toilet paper, shampoo bars, conditioner bars, body wash bars, reusable bags, refillable jars for grocery shopping, and more. Look up ways to go zero waste, and remember nobody needs to do zero waste perfectly. We need EVERYONE attempting zero waste imperfectly.

  6. i worked in a coffee for two years and all of my customers think you can recycle foodwaste plastic foodware containers with milk stained and wasted paper and plastic cups could just go in the plastic bin as-is.

  7. Where I live in the US they do teach kids in school what to recycle and what not to recycle like you can recycle plastic drink bottles but not the caps. You also need to read the bottom of the plastic container to see if the number is recyclable. The labels on the recycle bins also tell you what numbers you can recycle. Our major problems come from kids not paying attention and adults not caring.

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